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    Now what self respecting Steampunker would not like to take tea from one of Royal Crown Derby’s Steampunk Collection. (You would have to be a wealthy Steampunker though, this cup and saucer UK £90.00)

    Quote:—”The Steampunk collection from peerless fine English bone china perfectionist Royal Crown Derby is a playful and eclectic mix of style, function and luxury. Featuring engineering, science and clockwork motifs cleverly re-imagined to portray elegance and precision, Steampunk embodies a look that is contemporary and bold but pays homage to the greatness of our 19th Century technological past. The graphic monochrome patterns are styled uniquely for each item in the collection and are available in light (Ante Meridiem) and dark (Post Meridiem) versions.”

    - See more at: http://www.springfair.com/library/Steampunk#sthash.JV0Ft02e.dpuf

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